Sunday, 26 July 2015

Udemy - Graphic Design courses

Udemy is a great online resource for e-learning. They offer a lot of courses for graphic design and a lot of them are free! Many of the courses cover the history, theory and practical skills needed to further improve yourself and your knowledge in this area. They have courses for every level to suit everyone.

I think online learning is a really interesting thing to do as its improving your skills from the comfort of your own home and something which you can do in your own time. Meaning its easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. Its definitely something which I have been thinking of doing myself as its always fun to learn something new.

Udemy recently got in contact with me about a great study they have done on what makes a successful logo. The study is really easy to follow with clear sections divided into heading such as colour, shape/dimensions and consumer preferences. It's a good read for anyone who needs some tips on creating a logo or even a refresher for anyone already in the business.

Look on their website  to see more, theres also a tab the top of the browser which allows you to search the courses so you can find exactly what you are looking for. If your an arty person like myself I would suggest looking in the design and photography sections as there are some really interesting courses to do.