Monday, 30 September 2013

Sketches from the Jewellery project

These are some of the sketches I did over the summer from the photographs I took.

Sunday, 29 September 2013


Random Sketches from Anatomy books, I plan to fill another sketch book with more drawings of people from real life rather than books. I also want to look more at tone and light to improve the quality of my drawings. 

Cat Drawing

All in the name of Grandville 

I've been looking at Grandville's ink drawings of animals. I think they have a really lovely quality about them. I like the aged feel to them. I looked at this book then had a shot at drawing one of the images myself. I think next time I would like to add colour as I think this will give the image more definition.

Grandma's Treasures

A little slice of my summer project

At University we got given a summer project ready to kick start year two this involved; writing, sketching and photographing a passion or hobby we have. For mine I decided to look at jewellery, especially the jewellery which had been passed down to me from my family (Nan and Grandma) Here are a few snippets from that project.  I first took photographs then drew from them.