Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Vintage Jewellery Project

The jewellery we wear today is and always will be influenced by the past. Theres not many things which you can say get better with wear but jewellery is one of these things. Past down through families, it gets a new meaning. The locket Granddad gave to Nana, the old chain that your Mum never took off.  

Personally, my love of jewellery came from my family. When I was younger, around eleven years old, I was given a jewellery box shaped like a treasure chest. which looked worn and half damaged, at that age i don't think I had seen anything which looked so aged, so it became like a mystic object to me. Inside contained, relics from my Nana and my Grandma. Jewellery they had worn themselves when they where my age. Costume jewellery which was popular in the past, colourful brooches, little cameos and dangling chandelier earrings. To other people looking through that jewellery box, it might have just seem old, like tat, but to me it was and is one of my most prized possessions. When I open the lid I still get a whiff of perfume which smells like my Nana and what I would have imagined my Grandma to smell like, bringing back nostalgic memories from my childhood. Some of the jewellery has gems missing, chains which don't fasten but to me this adds to the story and makes me like the pieces even more. Borrowing from the past is the new now.

The whole vintage look, is something which is very popular at the moment in our culture, from fashion and clothing right through to a resurgence in antique furniture. I think people have become more frugal and interested in the ideas of taking things from the past and giving them a new spin, a modern take. Heres a few pieces from my collections.