Saturday, 11 October 2014

Recent Studio Brief

The first brief we got at University was to create 50 Illustrations from a colour which we drew from a hat, I got the colour green. Which I was happy with, I like green. The brief was very open so you could do quite a lot with it, this scares me sometimes as their is so many directions you can take. I began thinking about things which are green; nature, trees, vegetables... then I thought about things I like patterns, clothing, fashion. I found some really interesting old editions of vogue from the 1960's in the Library and they really interested me. I went to a charity shop and found old scarfs that reflected that type of style. I had the thought of using these on the projector and using them as backgrounds to my work, but in a way I felt as though there was a narrative missing so the Wizard of Oz came to mind and the Emerald City. Where everything is green, so this became a great source of inspiration for me.