Saturday, 18 January 2014

Book Covers

So this week I've been busy working on my two book covers for one of my University projects. The two I choose where "The Snow Child" and "The English: a field guide" one is really funny and humorous and the other a fairytale-esq novel. I wanted to represent the tones the books portray without giving any of the plot away. 

"The Snow Child" by Eowyn Ivey was such a beautiful tale I wanted to try and do it justice. The book is set in Alaska, so I wanted to show the environment and the harshness of the weather. Also how the two main characters are set out in the wilderness. This is why I separated the cabin from the main front page to create the distance in both a literal and metaphorical sense.  I didn't want the front page to be too cluttered to show the starkness of the landscape and how they where just surrounded by forests and trees. 

The second book I choose The English: A field Guide by Matt Rudd, is a funny humorous book poking fun at the English. I like how we are written about like odd little creatures with funny habits. I wanted to show this fun element on the front cover. I choose to use bright images and repeat them to give them a more graphic feel.